16 June 2010

never satisfied, or Kids Today

hilariously horrified at a comment posted to the video for the Bon Jovi classic "Bad Medicine," a song which has inexplicably been in my head for weeks now. Every time I read "Bad Romance," as in the Lady Gaga song, my brain starts playing "Bad Medicine."

anyway, the comment on the video (I'm finally, after weeks of postponing, listening to the song) runs thus:

how i wish i lived this era. i'm 15. -_- i wish i tasted true rock.

ah yes. I remember those heady days of my youth, sipping at the chalice of True Rock, Bon Jovi style.
In fact, Bon Jovi was my first concert - Extreme opened (and I was a fan). I was in junior high, so it was maybe 1991 or 1992?

I guess no kid is really happy with the culture in which she lives; I was dying for the late 60s when I was in junior high, listening to the Beatles and Jimi Hendrix and buying 45s of Buffalo Springfield and Jefferson Airplane songs, and listening to a lot of Queen (my nostalgia also included, eventually, Led Zeppelin, Janis Joplin, Bob Dylan, etc). Now, kids sit around lamenting the days of pinned jeans and gigantic fluorescent t-shirts and stonewashed jean jackets and very, very big hair for everyone. And those crazy shrieking guitar solos. God. I used to read my sister's Guitar World magazines, and occasionally buy my own much less reputable rock or heavy metal magazines. I guess "metal" kind of meant something different then - I remember thinking that Megadeth was a little too hardcore for me. Though I don't think "hardcore" was in my vocabulary then.

at any rate, I guess we're never satisfied. Everyone's nostalgic, all the time, for things that they never experienced or are remembering incorrectly or never really existed at all.