25 May 2010

sexism, fatism, crappy movies

I am waiting, not too patiently, for the day when mainstream Hollywood movies come out featuring the female equivalent of this guy, in a starring role, with a hot-as-hell boyfriend.

Where the movie is NOT about learning to love a fat, homely girl, or that the fat, homely girl is actually really hot once she loses 10 pounds and takes off her glasses.

I am really goddamn sick of podgy, schlubby, unappealing men (who aren't even very good actors) being cast in lead roles while you have to hunt high and low to find anything even approximating a podgy, schlubby unappealing woman in ANY kind of role except as the butt of jokes (pun semi-intended).

Lunch lady, butch bus driver, "white-trash" mother - those are the parts for ugly fat women. But ugly fat men? heck, they're everywhere.

Obviously, it's no secret that there are huge double standards between men and women in this culture. But I am really, REALLY sick of - literally nauseated by - this seemingly endless parade of bad movies and tv shows with men who, if they were women, wouldn't have been allowed to set foot within 50 miles of a camera.

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  1. It winds me up too. There's also the women's age thing: in a film with 60 year old men as heroes, no woman is going to be over 40. Women don't count unless they are what our culture deems to be sexy.

    The fatism is party against men too, I fear. I do really hate it.