03 February 2010

awful advertising, or Valentine's Day brings out the worst

the subject line of an email I received from a clothing company:
"The dress to win his heart... or make him jealous."

Admirable sentiments, yes??

It boggles my mind that there are women in this world who might actually consciously set out to pick out a dress to win a man's heart (as if a dress alone could do it!) or, worse, consciously choose a dress to make a man jealous.

I admit - and confess - that one may pick a dress or other garment with a view toward the reaction of guys in general or a certain gentleman in particular. I myself may - MAY - even have done this. However, I have never intentionally gone looking for a garment specifically to fulfill the purpose of pleasing a guy. Not even "foundation garments" (a phrase which, in my mind, is always uttered by the very prim Tim Gunn).

If only it was as easy as buying the right dress to win someone's heart!
but what kind of heart do you end up with, I wonder, if it can be won by a dress?

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