06 February 2010

i can't get out!

Those are the stairs I need to go down to the alley I have to walk through to get to my car. I - wisely, maybe? - parked on the street below my house, rather than be truly stranded forever by parking in my garage (my hilly dirt road is not plowed regularly, and can be treacherous even when plowed if still icy/snowy).

The snow is drifted and piled up to at least my knee.

I cannot even see the street - Venture Street - on which I am parked. I can't tell if it's been cleared. I don't know how I'd get to my car.

I am not eager to risk my life on those stairs. I've fallen down them twice - I have this sort of...habit... of falling down stairs, it seems, and it's always incredibly painful.

The snow is piled to the sashes of my diningroom windows.  This looks a little more dramatic than it really is, since my dining room is technically below ground, built into the hillside itself. The windows are therefor at sloping ground level. But it's still cavelike and snowy in my small igloo-cottage.       
I'm not minding being snowbound. It's a little bit dreamy, kind of peaceful and pleasant. It's a bit lonely, for sure - there are no sounds AT ALL from the surrounding neighborhoods (not that I can usually hear much, but there's always a distant low rumble from the highway, the occasional car door, shouting neighbor, shrieking child). The incredible stillness of a world covered in snow is both glorious and eerie. A little bit like landing on another planet. 

The weather doesn't seem likely to warm up enough to melt any of this snow anytime soon, which leaves me perplexed about my situation. I have a bad shoulder, which makes sustained amounts of shoveling - not impossible, but extraordinarily difficult and pain-inducing.  if I had a little sled, the little plastic sleds of my childhood, i could coast down the hillside to my car - but getting back UP the hill to the house would be a nightmare.

I think I will just have to wait this one out, for awhile, and see what happens.

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